What is Pima Community College’s Innovation Challenge?

  • Students engaging STEM to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Mentors from the STEM business community sharing their knowledge and experience with students.
  • Community members coming together at an October showcase to explore the ways PCC fosters STEM learning.

It is also a series of workshops.

Five mentors presented pitches to student teams on Saturday, August 26 at Pima Community College’s West Campus library. Each mentor represented a different business or industry application of STEM, with the goal of giving the teams ideas to incorporate in their own pitches at the PCC STEM Innovation Challenge Showcase in October. I had the opportunity to videotape these mini-workshop sessions.

Note: I recorded only a short portion of David Lesser’s pitch because the questions from the students were too focused on their team’s project and I didn’t want to disclose that information prematurely.